"Teaching is but an illusion ... only learning is real"

"Teachers want to know HOW ...... Educators want to know WHY?"

6Cs have replaced the 3Rs:

Connectivity, Community, Construction, Creativity, Collaboration, and Curation

Education with Byte Home


Further to the ideas of the ideas of Salman Khan (Khan Academy) these teachers are flipping the idea of teaching. 

Jonathan Bergann and Aaron Sams are two science teachers from Woodland Park, South Dakota who are leading a revolution in instruction called “The Flipped Class.”  Stated simply, their method involves flipping what happens in the classroom with what happens at home. Rather than lecture live, they make videos for their student to watch at home. Class time is spent working with students to better understand the material covered in the videos. Their motto is, “class is for conversation, not dissemination.” 

The method engages students to be independent learners. Rather than expecting all students to work at the same pace, flipping the classroom allows teachers to spend more one-on-one time with each of their students.  Bergmann says, “there’s no place to hide.” Every student is assessed on an individual basis. Each student is required to ask their instructor “an interesting question.”  Not every child learns in the same way -- so alternative methods of assessment are also an option.

They make it clear that videos aren’t the “magic bullet.” Videos are an answer -- not the answer.   Find more info at: http://flippedclass.com/   From ISSTE see Original Article